You will be assigned a number, and your job is to guess it through the given hints .
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How to play?
How to play?

Welcome to This Game!

How to Start?

After signing up and signing in, you can begin the game by choosing different mode.

How Does the Game Proceed?

This is a brain-challenging game that's popular here in Asia. It has its different variants all over the globe, and in some western countries that it's known as mastermind or Bulls and Cows. However, the versions may vary, but the main ideas are shared the same.

In this particular version, the player will be given hints/instructions(As and Bs) to guide the player to guess the correct answer.

To be more precise, first, the player will need to choose the level of the game. The level options are from 1 to 10 in response to how long (digits) the answer would be. Second, the program will choose a nonrepeat number according to it. For instance, if a player chooses level 4, in this case, the computer will randomly select four nonrepeated numbers. e.g, 0258, 1234, 4567, 9874, 5634, 4321, 3214..etc.

After the computer secretly chooses the number, the player may begin their guesses. The player will have to guess a set of numbers with the same amount of digits of the level(In the above example, it was 4). For each guess entry, the computer will calculate the relationship between the guess and the answer. If the player didn't get it right this time, the computer responds with hints for further guesses.

There are two and only two components of the hints, the number part and the A & B part. The number part shows the amount of A and B, and the A&B part shows the relationship between the guess and the answer.
xA= There are x amount digits in this guess that both value and poisition is(are) correct.

yB= There are y amount digits in this guess that only it's value is correct, the position of the digit is not.

Live Example:

For the beginner of this game, it is very likely to get confused by all these As and Bs. Therefore down below, it's a live example.

Suppose it's a level 4 game, and the computer picked 1234 as the answer.

#1 guess = 0123 (the hint would be 0A3B. 1, 2, and 3 is valuly correct, but in the wrong position)
#2 guess = 4567 (the hint would be 0A1B)
#3 guess = 1089 (the hint would be 1A0B)
#4 guess = 1234 (the hint would be 2A2B)

How Does Player Score in Arena?

In normal days, players will get the thrid power of the level by successfully guessing the answer.

In special occasion, there would be double or even more.

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