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Unleash the Fun Anytime, Anywhere

Transform your daily commute or lunch break into an epic gaming adventure with 1A2B_International. Play on-the-go and conquer boredom wherever you are.

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Step 1

Choosing a game mode!

We offer several modes to choose from, choose one that best suit your mind.

Go check the modes.

Step 2

Playing the game!

Over here you could start you guesses, have fun!

go to there!

Step 3

Resume the game.

In the arena mode, we offer you the ability to stop at anytime, and once you are feeling getting back to the game, you can check out here to continue the game

Go to the dashboard!

Step 4

Honoring the TOP THREE Players in Arena Mode

This section is dedicated to recognizing the top three players who have collected the most points in the arena mode. Congratulations to these top performers!

  • NO.1


    He/She has accquired 468000 points!!

  • NO.2

    u gin

    He/She has accquired 16803 points!!

  • NO.3


    He/She has accquired 13538 points!!

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We are thrilled to announce that our app is now available on Google Play! With the app, you can access our services and features anytime, anywhere, at the touch of a button.

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